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Download Packages

Downloading Labyrinth

For each installation of Labyrinth there are 3 packages required. The first is the Core package, which includes the heart of the Labyrinth engine. The second is the Core-Plugins package, which includes the essential plugins to kick start a website. Lastly is the Core-Files package, which includes the baseline supporting files and templates.

Once these 3 packages are installed, you can then either add further plugins or build your own.

Labyrinth Core Package

Labyrinth Core Plugins Package

Labyrinth Demo Package

Additional Packages

Once you have the base packages installed, you have the necessary files to build a basic website. To extend the functionality, you can either install that additional packages below or write ones of your own. If you release any plugin packages for labyrinth, please let us know so we can your releases to the list below.

Labyrinth Plugin Packages

Labyrinth Functional Packages